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Ben Everest Information Page

Here you will find more info on The Ben Everest Challenge.

  If you can’t find all the information you are looking for,  drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible…



Registration for the event couldn't be any easier.

All you need to do is use the following link for payment, and then fill out a Booking Form. You will then receive confirmation by email with your own registration number and further information.



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Top Tips

Top Tips

Fitness. This is an endurance event, set at a steady pace. It is very helpful if you can get plenty of walking done to help prepare. One or two long days do not help too much, where as lots of regular but shorter walks will condition your body to the expected exercise. Maybe walk to work quickly, or walk to the shops instead of driving.

Medication. Make sure you have your personal medication with you at all times. Our Leaders will have a general First Aid kit with them, but do not carry inhalers, etc.

Footwear. Walking boots will give you lots of ankle support, though you may find that your feet will get a tad sore underneath.  We find good quality Trekking Shoes allow good support, but also a chance for your feet to work a little, helping to reduce on fatigue. What is even nicer is if you have the luxury of being able to switch footwear during the Challenge.

Clothing. Expect some mixed mountain weather... It can be hot at the bottom, and snowbound in the summit! Full waterproof clothing is essential, adding warmth if needed. Spare warm layers are also a must. Please do not ear cotton Tee Shirts as they stay wet for a long time. Synthetic Base Layers dry faster and will keep you more comfortable. It is good to keep everything in your rucksack wrapped in a plastic bag as no rucksack will keep out any rain. Gloves and a hat are useful to have in your armoury. Midges can be problematic on the lower slopes. Head nets bring welcome relief. Midge repellants can be effective, but they tend to sweat off. A change of clothes for each ascent will make you feel so much fresher...

Mobile Phones. Keep these on a full charge and wrapped in a sandwich bag or the such, most do not like water! Not only are they great for documenting your day and speaking to loved ones on your progress, but also very handy for contacting "Base Camp" if you are having some difficulties. 

Food and Water. The intake of both must be kept up. If you do not drink enough, you will slow down, become weaker, and are very likely to cramp up. water will be available at Base Camp, and bottles can be refilled at The Red Burn, the waterfall half way up Ben Nevis. Carry plenty of your favourite snacks and eat regularly to keep energy levels up. You often see people "Carb Loading". This can make some feel ill. we suggest mix it up, fat and protein is just as helpful as your body will miss them. Drinking alcohol the night before will not help...Keep it for celebrating your success!!!

Rucksacks need to be large enough to easily carry your kit inside, and better still, have a load bearing hip belt. This will take the weight from your shoulders, making it easier for you to breath and is less tiring to carry.

Toe nails. Keep them short for the event, they will be grateful.

Walking Poles. You will need those. A pair is very useful on the descents, especially when you are tired. If you don't bring them, there is a good chance you will end up taking the Guide's poles, and what will they use?



Training should start now!!!

There is 25 miles to walk, and all of it is either up or down. Focus on endurance, with regular walking. One or two longer walks do not work too well, as your body recovers back to it's normal state. regular walking (Say 4 or 5 times a week for a few hours) will give your body "Muscle memory", and will repair itself to a stronger and more efficient state. This will help with recovery times during the rest periods on the event.



Walking shoes or boots

Waterproof jacket and Trousers

Fleece mid layer

Hat and gloves

Reliable Head Torch


Food and water

personal Medication

Mobile phone

waterproof bags to keep everything in!

Ben Nevis Travel and Accommodation

Travelling here

Getting here is much easier than it looks...

There are good motorways to Glasgow then a great journey over Rannoch Moor through to Glencoe. Or a train to Fort William.

  You could even catch a Citylink Bus from Glasgow for probably the most scenic bus journey you could ever experience...

By Car...

  A nice straight forward Journey.

M6/M74 towards Glasgow.

Follow signs to M8 Erskine Bridge.

Follow A82 signs through Crainlarich, over Rannoch Moor to Glencoe Village, from where the B863 takes you directly to Kinlochleven (Sign posted).

Approx journey time from Erskine Bridge Fort William is 2 hours.


By Train...

Mainline Train to Glasgow Central Station from where you can catch a train to Fort William (4 hours approx), then 1 hour by bus direct to Kinlochleven.

Alternatively, Citylink provide a bus service t Fort William. The views from the buses are fantastic...


By Plane...

It is possible to fly to Glasgow Airport then either hire a car, ride a bus or carry on by train.

Accommodation Ideas

The PDF file will give you access to some ideas for accommodation. This list is not exhaustive...

Frequently Asked Quesions

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I park? What time do I need to be at Registration? When does the event start, and what time do I have to be there?

You can park at the Glen Nevis Visitors Centre in Glen Nevis (Pay and Display). Plenty of parking there. Then it is a short walk from there, crossing the foot bridge and follow the "Ben Nevis" sign posts to the Styal. Registration Check In will be here. Please sign in from 7.30pm. The event starts at 10pm on Saturday 12th August. We meet at the start of The Pony Track by the Ben Nevis Inn).

What support will we receive on the hill?

Our Hill Safety Team will consist of local Leaders and Guides looking after you on the hill. They will be selected for their experience, ability and  skillful encouragement. Depending on final numbers, they will be either travelling with you, ar will be stationed at strategic places along the route. If the event is Marshalled, then you will, be no longer than 20 minutes away from one of our Hill Safety Staff Team at any time. You are requiered to carry your own medicines, but all of our Team will be carrying a large First Aid Kit and other emergency items.

If I retire from the event, can I go straight home?

NO, THAT ISN'T A GOOD IDEA.... We would need to see you first to make sure you was OK, or take relevent action. 

There will be some Team Members back at the start to see you, and make a note of you retiring. it is also a good idea to let you guide/Marshall know that you are retiring, so they can forward a message into us to expect you.

If you go straight home without telling us, there might just be a full-blown Mountain Rescue search on the go for you as we would assume you are missing!!!

Is there a cut off time to complete the Challenge?

Yes, there is. The timing we allow for is quite generous, but a cut off time for the second Ben Nevis Summit will need to be enforced. This time is 3pm on the Sunday.  If you arrive later, then there is no chance of completeing the Challenge within the given 24 hours.

Will food and drink be available?

There will be some refreshments available down at Base Camp (Start/Finish). It is up to you to repack your rucksack for consequent ascents to make sure you have enough energy to get you back down the mountain. 

Can I bring along Supporters to help encourage me?

Yes, of course. The route is such that they are welcome to stay by the path and cheer you on as you wander past them, they can even pitch a small tent somewhere and offer to rub your feet as you head past... You must keep in mind though that we are not responsible for them.

I have a medical problem that I don't think is relevent, do i really need to tell you?

It is a good idea to tell us, even if you think it will not cause you a problem. All information regarding yourself will only be shared amongst us that really need to know in case of emergency. Most people that have health problems (Diabetes for instance) usually look after themselves very well. If you broke your leg 10 years ago, we do not need to know...BUT, if it's a condition you have had a long time and doesn't bother you too much any more, then we do need to know (Low Blood Pressure is a classic). We will not put up barriers to those that have issues, but when we know we can shape the challenge accordingly and it'll help us a great deal with any medical emergency. If you are not sure, send us a message to clarify.

Will be sent back down if the Guides see that I am struggling maybe a little too much?

Often people try to hide the fact that they are feeling very unwell or tiredand feeling like they are letting everyone down. They are not... If you feel unwell, then you need to make the decision to head back down. Our Team are highly experienced and can see when it is too much for you, and will turn you around if necessary. This is nothing to be ashamed of or hurt by. It is a decision that is usually needed to be made, and the people involved always know that it is the right decision at that time...This is an endurance event, and everyone is different with their own personal thresholds.. Often the hardest decision to make is the one "When to Quit"... Mountaineering Expeditions are only successful when they get back down...

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