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Winter Mountain Kit
Summer Mountain Kit
Wild Camping Kit


Kit Lists for Mountain Activities

Our kit lists are here to help you make sure that you have the correct equipment with you for each season, for your own comfort and safety... Please remember that it can get mighty cold and damp up there. We've even known it to snow on Ben Nevis in June !

    These are basic requirements, any additional specialist equipment for the activities can be hired from several different places in Fort William, ie Ellis Brigham, Cotswold, etc.




Summer Mountain Kit

The Basic kit to travel through the Mountains is:-


Hillwalking Boots- Gore Tex lined or Leather.

Waterproof jacket & trousers- A reasonable hood, plus the Trousers should be able to go on over your boots!

Next to skin layer- Usually made from polyester or merino.

Mid Layer- Fleece type jacket

Walking Trousers- Anything not made from cotton.

Hat and Gloves

Good quality socks-Wool Mix

Food for the day-Take more than you think !

Enough water !

Map (Waterproof or with cover)





Winter Mountain Kit

 These items are in addition to Summer Hillwalking Kit:-


Winter Boots-Must be Crampon compatible, a "B2"type is ideal

Crampons-"C1"Strap-on or "C2"type

Walking Axe-55-60cm works well

"Belay" type jacket-Insulated with synthetic or Down Fill

Goggles-Essential for seeing in Spindrift!

Spare Hat!

Spare Gloves!

Spare Torch or batteries-Short daylight hours!

Flask-For your favourite beverage


Helmet- Essential for Winter Skills and Climbing




Wild Camping Kit.

All clothing appropriate to the weather plus:-


Tent-Must be lightweight, packable, and stable in adverse weather!

Sleeping Bag-Synthetic or down. a "3 Season" type should work well up there during the Summer Months

Sleeping Mat-Closed-cell foam or Self-Inflating. Standard Airbeds are cold.

Stove plus fuel-Lightweight Gas stove4s are clean and easy to use

Pans- For cooking

Food for the duration of the trip-Take whatever you fancy,just remember you have to be able to cook it!

Toilet trowel-Sometimes you have to dig your own...


We are now dealing with COVID 19, as I am sure you are all aware.

We have written up some guidelines and recommendations for coming along to one of our events. Please read through it... Details here.

   These lists only have the real basic requirements in them... Don't forget to pack you other essentials, like a little personal First Aid Kit, your Glasses, or your favourite sweets!

  If you need more information or advice about specific clothing or equipment, please contact us... We have had 25 years of Outdoor Retail experience, so there shouldn't be too many questions out there that we cannot answer...

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