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Course Bookings

For more information and advice on what type of course is most suited to you, please contact us as the exact content of a course, or the equipment required may be different to what you had in mind or available. We would rather spend the time giving you all the information you need prior to any booking being made, rather than you arriving expecting something different to what we can provide.


Mountain sports are heavily influenced by the weather and your course structure will likely to  be dictated by the conditions on the day. It is unfortunate that we cannot guarantee the weather to be dry and warm, or cold and snowy...

 The decisions for the structure of the day will be made by us based on your previous experience, what you want to do now, and the weather conditions on the day. Sometimes it is the weather that dictates where you go, and other times, if you are extremely lucky, almost everything will be available to us. 

    We will endevour to gain the target for the day, whether guiding on a climb, or taking a family for a walk up Ben Nevis , but,  due to safety and health issues that may arise, we may have to turn back... "Live to climb another day", so to speak...

All of our courses and guided days are staffed by the appropriately qualified Instructor/Leader.

In very simple terms, we use a Summer or Winter Mountain Leader for guided walking  and walking courses, SPA (Single Pitch Award) for rock climbing on crags,MIA (Mountaineering Instructor Award) for most summer activities on steeper ground that require a rope, and for Winter climbing and mountaineering, an MIC (Mountaineering Instructor Certificate), which is the highest UK mountain award. More details about the qualifications can be found on


To book, please contact us through email or a telephone call, and we will send you our Booking form. Once we have that back, along with payment ( Currently a Bank Transfer ),  we can confirm your Booking via telephone call, text or email.

Personal Accident Insurance is recommended and is a free benefit with membership of The MCofS


We do generally require notice before booking a Course, but if you have a requirement over the next couple of days, please ring as there is a good chance that we can accommodate your needs...


Cancellation of Courses.

If you cancel your course more than four weeks before the start date you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel your course less than four weeks before the start date you will receive no refund of the course fee. If the course is cancelled by us, we will refund your payment. We strongly recommend that you obtain suitable cancellation insurance for your course.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances (COVID-19), a postponement or rescheduling of the course will be offered. We are aware that may not be immediately practical, but we do endevour to give the maximum service we possibly can and can come to an arrangement. No refund will be given for circumstances out of our control. Your travel insurance  should be able to cover your loss.


By booking a course you are agreeing you are fit enough for the course and will abide by the safety instructions given to you; you recognise that hillwalking, whether Summer or Winter, Scrambling,  Climbing and Mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.



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