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Wild camping is the ability to camp comfortably almost anywhere you like without the usual "home comforts", and is an ideal opportunity to spend the hours waiting to get that perfect photo of the Landscape or local Wildlife ... Travelling by foot with all your equipment on your back, to a remote Coastal Beach, a high Summit, or anywhere inbetween...

 With the right preperation, we find this much more rewarding than sleeping on a noisy Campsite.

    The Highlands have a huge amount of beautiful Wild Sites only a short walk away from civilisation, so most levels of fitness is possible, but the ability to carry your own "home" is essential.

This overnight adventure can teach you the skills needed for a safe night out, including:-

Camping equipment/Packing and carrying a Rucksack/  Suitable Site selection/ Water and Cooking/ Sanitary Issues/ Getting prepared for a Storm!/Quirky Tips...


High Winter Mountain Camping

High Winter Camping

Also available...

Wild Camping Trips

Wild Camping Trips

2 people minimum, usually over 2 days, is required to "help share the load". 

An Ideal Trip for those wanting to get into Mountain Photography !

Overnight Course !!!


     2 People Min.             £450

      3 to 4                         £480

      5 to 6                         £500


(Camping equipment is not currently supplied. We will be happy to advise on specific equipment,please call in advance)




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