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COVID-19 Changes

Times are changing...Now we have to stay safe as much as we can, and to do this, we need to put into play some new ideas... This page will be updated as restrictions and Guidelines evolve.

UPDATE May 2021- We can now take a maximm group size of 6 people from 6 households. Travel restrictions have eased, and lots of accommodation has reopened. You can even go for a pint, post walk(As long as you are happy to sit in the beer garden of course)

UPDATE June 2021- We can now take a maximum group size of up to 50 people, whilst observing "Social Distancing Rules". Travel restrictions have eased, and lots of accommodation has reopened. You can even go for a pint, post walk...

The ever-changing situation and Government placed restrictions surrounding COVID-19 is something we are monitoring daily.

We are looking to keep our events running and are hoping that folks can join us. Social Distancing in this environment is generally not a problem, if we follow some simple guidelines set out below.

Our Guidelines for a “Covid Secure” Day Out.

All participants may only come along to any of our events if they can satisfy the following criteria.

(This may change as the situation develops)

You have had no known contact with people that have the virus.

The house you live in is free of the virus, for an absolute minimum of 3 weeks.

Correct and accurate medical issues need to be documented.

This is to pre-empt any problems that may occur. We have years of experience in taking all types of people in the hills, and have no problem dealing with any issues. If there is a condition that has a “high risk” even with Social Distancing, then you will need to reconsider your options under these current conditions. This includes, and is not limited to Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Arthritis (Basically any condition that physical help may be required).

You travelled to the venue in private transport where possible.

 Public transport, including taxis should be avoided as much as possible.


We must travel in the hills observing “Social Distancing” at all times.


The risk of injury in the mountains cannot be taken for granted.

We will do everything in our power to keep you and others safe, including Mountain Rescue personnel. It is imperative that you are extremely honest with yourself and your ability, and if necessary, take the decision to turn round and head down. If we see that you are struggling too much, we reserve the right to take you down the mountain.

All equipment, clothing, food and water are not to be shared.

This includes walking poles. We often get asked to lend out gloves. This is currently not possible.

PPE (Gloves, hand wash, face covering) needs to be carried by each party member.

These cannot be shared under any circumstance. Please carry a plastic bag to place them in after use, and dispose of as soon as possible upon return.

It is essential that you bring enough food for personal use. Do not share.

As a general rule, when you purchase food for the day, if you "think" it might be enough, buy some more. When you "know" it's enough, that is good. Safe drinking water can often be found during the day. If you need to drink alot, make sure youcarry enough for you.

Handwashing before eating is essential. Remember to not share your Hand Sanitiser.

Do not drop used tissues, or anything else for that matter.

A plastic bag is very useful to carry them in. This includes tissues used for wiping.

Only you can take photos from your camera/phone.

All clothing used during the day needs to be cleaned before reusing.

This includes waterproofs and walking poles. Ideally have a large plastic bag in your vehicle to place everything at the end of the day, and don't forget to wash your hands...

Written 12th June 2020

Updated 9th May 2021

Updated 2nd June 2021

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