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Rock Climbing doesn't have to be hard to be enjoyable...

  We can take beginners, adults and children, to some local friendly crags to learn the basics, or we can guide you on some Classic Scottish Rock Climbs widely available in our area. 

For groups the smaller crags are great. For guided routes, 2 clients to 1 Guide is the norm.


Mini Mountaineers & Families

Climbing Sessions suitable for small guys, Mums, Dads and Granny. Spend and afternoon wearing out the kids

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

PREREQUISITES - "Competitive Dad Syndrome"

Beginner Climbers

At our local friendly crags we can teach you : Introduction of climbing equipment / Basic climbing ropework / movement on rock / safeguarding your partner .  

PREREQUISITES - A "Give it a go" attitude.

Indoor to Outdoor Climbers

Transition from Indoor to Outdoor made simple. We would concerntrate on : Rigging Outdoor Climbs / Anchor Selection / Rock Climbing Protection / Route selection and grading / Crag Safety.

PREREQUISITES - Experience of Indoor climbing

Guide to Client Ratio 1:2

Groups up to 6 per Instructor

Rock Improver

For climbers that want to gain further knowledge or push their grade : Movement Coaching / Advanced Ropework / Rescues and Retreat / Multi Pitch Climbing / Alpine Ropework

PREREQUISITES - Outdoor Rock Climbing

Guided Climbing

  Use our Guides to look after you on a Classic Rock Climb :

Agag's Groove (V Diff), Buachaille Etive Mor. Spartan Slab (VS), Etive Slabs. Observatory Ridge (V Diff), Ben Nevis.

PREREQUISITES - Hill walking and some scrambling. Knowledge of rock climbing ropework very useful.

Group Rates for an afternoon session

First 2 at £45 each

£25 per person thereafter

    Crag Day-Private Crag Instruction

                     1 Day        2 Days

1 person       £220           £400

2 people        £240           £420

3 to 4             £270           £450

5 to 6             £300           £480




All summer scrambling, mountaineering and multi pitch rock climbing will be led by an MIA (Mountaineering Instructor Award) as an absolute minimum. They are qualified to lead and instruct on all aspects of Summer mountain use.

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