Rick and his Faily on The Pony Track Ben Nevi

The Pony Track

Britains highest mountain, Ben Nevis , stands at 1345m above the sea, giving panoramic views, and is attainable by folks young and old

  The usual ascent of "The Ben" is via The Pony Track (laid to service the Summit Weather Observatory back in 1883), but other exciting alternatives are available.

  We have had a lot of experience of Guiding on this mountain, and can give you an insight into it's history, we can even show you the original telecommunications cable and the water butt!


AKA "The Tourist Track"

Guide to Client Ratio 1:6 (Summer)

Guide to Client Ratio 1:6 (Winter)

Our ascent starts from the Visitors Centre in Glen Nevis following the route of the original track to the Summit...Possible in Summer or Winter.

Total ascent : 1350m

Time up: 4 hours

Descent : 3 hours


          1 to 2 People    £180

          3 to 4                 £220

          5+ (Upto 10)      £250

PREREQUISITES - An ability to move for extended periods. Suitable for most.

Larger groups at £25 per person


          1 to 2 People    £180

          3 to 4                 £220

          5 to 6                 £250

Here is an opportunity to come along with us for a guided walk on Ben Nevis...Every Friday and Sunday from June to September.

 The route will be via the Pony Track, the only path to the summit, at a steady pace manageable by all. We will pass on a lot of information about the history of the area, and the reasons behind the old Observatory on the summit.

  The journey is expected to take all day, starting from The Ben Nevis Inn at 8.30am. The time for ascent is approx. 4 hours, with us expecting to be back for 5pm.

  Take plenty of your favourite foods, some warm layers, waterproof jacket and trousers, and a stout pair of shoes/boots. Walking poles are a very good idea too.

Ben Nevis Summit

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Ben Nevis Guided Walks Saturdays from October

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 Guided Group Walks on Ben Nevis £70 per person
Friday and Sunday, from May to September, Saturdays October to December

We have a number of  open events planned throughout the Summer.

These are listed on our Facebook page